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Subjectively ranking important sites and articles.

This site is part of a three site subjective ranking process. If we find excellent resources, a page or site can immediately get a link, that is a subjective vote on this site. But ordinarily you have to rank on

  1. OrangeRank
  2. PurpleRank
  3. RedCarpetRank
in that order before you rank here. That implies that you mus first get a link on orangerank, before it is moved to this site and finally to RedCarpetRank. If we, for subjective reasons, find that a site decreases in quality, the link may be deleted or moved to OrangeRank. Read more about our ranking process on RedCarpetRank.

KjellBleivik.com Additional contact information.

The home page

We will categorize sites and articles. On the home page there will be 10 categories, that may change as time passes, with maximum 10 links in each category.

Other sites and articles will be semantically linked on sub pages.

Online marketing

  1. DVisions - Specialists in Internet Marketing
  2. SEO Workers: Forum
  3. Jaan Kanellis Search Marketing Blog
  4. Google Taking Blows

Content and design is king

  1. Digital Eye Web Design and App Development : Wilmington, Delaware
  2. Create a Free Website




  1. Fifa
  2. UEFA
  3. Premier League



Social Media

  1. Diigo

Free software

  1. Scripts
  2. HotScripts


  1. Wilders Security Forums

For the surfer

  1. Eniro
  2. FactBites
  3. Google Chrome

For web masters

  1. FireFox: A good browser for webmasters
  2. Firebug
  3. Lynx: Text browser
  4. K-Melon: The browser you control
  5. DevHardware
  6. ASPfree
  7. JavaLobby
  8. RailSpace
  9. Exadel
  10. DevShed

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